Working closely together with our system supplier, we can offer you truly synerglistic partnership with a complete system solution, which incorporates the latest technical features for optimum manufacturing. This assures both, top quality and low cost.
 No.  MAX Power(KN/N)  A  B  D  E  F(min) F(ma)
 CEU  08  80       8.0  975  470  700  935  210  790  1090
 CEU  15  150      15.0    1125  470  800  1045  280  800  1100



Character: Large working area 

                 stab weld construction

CEC--------Simitch Body

BS/BT------Simitch Cylinder

SET---------Safety operation system


Pressforce range 75-140 kN. 

Rigid welded construction with minimum deflection, optimum application flexibility. The press table, with a throat depth of 470 mm, is height adjustable and removable.

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