Resource Sheetmetal Machinery Co.Ltd is a professional manufacturer, mainly focus on Fastener insertion machine, Clinching system, Clinching Fasteners.

We can supply both standard solution and customized application, such as Hydraulic, Penumatic, Automatic, Clinching, Riveting without Rivets.


Clinching Joint:  RSM clinching products heighten efficiency and reduce the costs of sheet metal joining applications.

Assembly: Pressing-in and mounting of bushings and bearings, production of precise force-fitting assemblies – for example using the RSM Powerpackage, already well-proven in thousands of applications.

General Presses: R-SIMITCH Presses application series.


Top feeding for nuts

Auto bottom feeding tooling for nuts

Top feeding tool for stand off and stud

Self clinch mechanical joint tooling set

Customized design and development

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