Model  RS-824
 Force  72KN
 Throat depth  24in.(610mm)
 Throat height  17in.(432mm)
 Stroke length adjustable  Yes
 Number for inserts per hour(manually)  500/600
 Repeat accuracy  +1%
 Safety device  Patented 100%
 Manual turret  Yes
 Automatic feeding   Yes
 Number for inserts per hour(auto feed)  1200-1600
 No-rivet joint  Yes
 Dwell time  Standard
 Protection device  Yes
 Positive limit  Standard
 Counter  Yes
 Hydraulic driver  5HP
 Power  208/575V 3phase 50/60HZ
 Current  220V@17A-380/480V@9.3A

Main characteristic:

Insertion machine technology offers the single most significant boost to hardware insertion productivity since the introduction of automatic tooling systems.

Ø  100% safety system, with prevent finger-insert function

Ø  hydraulic system makes our machine in stable pressure, and easily to adjust the pressure

Ø  high accuracy insertion on self-clinch

Ø  auto feeding system can assure 1200--1500/hour times insertion


Ø  72KN force and 24 inch(610mm) throat depth;

Ø  100% safety system;

Ø  Positive stop function is standard with the machine;

Ø  Re-design reliability and energy efficiency of a full hydraulic 

     system.ensure the force repeatability ±1%;

Ø  Optional auto feeding system and the self-clinch tooling;

Ø  Re-design strong C-frame to eliminate the deformation;

Ø  Possibility to insert M12 nut with the mild steel;

Ø  Variable dwell time for use with the stainless steel M8 nut 

     and materials and the other hard materials.





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